Airgun shooting

This might sound just like boom – bang- boom, but it’s much more complicated. Shooting with the fixed sight while standing or sitting requires a good aiming technique, holding breath for a short while when aiming, gripping the gun correctly to avoid gun movement. This is fine for few shots, but as the gun is heavy and the body gets tired, it’s getting more and more difficult. Shooting with scope requires the adjustment of the scope for the right distance which might take a while, and then all the stuff mentioned before. Without the right technique you couldn’t hit an elephant standing next to you.
Good thing about this hobby is that it’s wife-friendly – my wife can talk to me all she wants while I’m shooting, it doesn’t distract me too much. It’s the opposite case of hardware and software development, for which I need silence (or music) without talking and questions.

My current setup is:

  • Hammerli Hunter Force 900 – airgun for 4.5 mm pellets (caliber .177), weight 3.7 kg without scope
  • Hammerli scope 6×42 – scope with cross
  • Norconia R201L dot sight – for quick aiming at short distance, dot color can be changed between red and green
  • metallic┬ábullet trap




One of my friends was asking how strong the airgun is, and if I’m able to hit something on 20 meters, so I tried that on a beer bottle.


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