SatanDisk components (what you need to build the SatanDisk)

Name Size Link
Schematics & PCB (in Eagle and as .pdf) 592 kB schematics
Bridge firmware (+ some bridge docs & sources) 186 kB bridge
Atmel firmware (+ sources) 98 kB fw
Power-Off partition loss fix by Popsel 797.3 kB sd_fix
Complete package by Popsel
(schematics, firmware, documentation, fix)
5.22 MB popsels-doku


Usefull HW (you will need this to flash the firmware of bridge and Atmel)

Name Size Link
XILINX JTAG cable that I use (for use with XILINX iMPACT) 67 kB jtag
XILINX JTAG which is much simpler (just wires from LPT) 47 kB cheaptag
Atmel AVR ISP programmer web page – saved to .zip 349 kB avr_isp


SatanDisk utilities [TOS applications] (this you might want to use when you got it running)

Name Size Link
Set ID (sets a new ID to your SatanDisk) 19 kB set_id
Test utilities (speed test and reliability test) 31 kB testutils

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