IDE Devil


The IDE Devil was a project in 2005 and it was stopped, because IDE (PATA) interface is getting obsolete. This project should have been remade using some parts of SatanDisk, but since the SatanDisk is quite slow, the idea was dropped and the IDE devil will never be finished.

If you are looking for a hard disk replacement for your Atari ST, please choose UltraSatan or SatanDisk instead of IDE devil.




  • uses standart MegaFile/SH205 communication protocol, now little bit extended by some SCSI / ICD commands
  • uses Atmel ATmega64 microcontroler because of its speed and pin number – this reduces the amount of other ICs in the schematics
  • the programmer schematics for ATmega64 are free on the internet so it is not so hard to build one, also the programming SW is free
  • sources and schematics are free so I hope that someone will make some contributions to this project ;-) and also the Atari-comunity will get a HDD with a cheap host-adapter (other hostadapters are not that cheap and hard to find/buy)
  • in the debug build features a serial port which is connectable to any PC to see what’s happening inside
  • master/slave support


  • OpenSource and OpenSchematics design so anyone can contribute to this project and make other advantages or bug-fixes
  • capability to boot from the the IDE drive on any ST without needing to upgrade your TOS to 2.06 (only this or newer TOS checks for IDE drives) and without any boot-diskettes
  • acts like a MegaFile or SH205 drive – uses their communication protocol so any hard-disk driver will work with it and there is no need for any special driver, so this means…
  • HDDRIVER compatible & tested
  • no need to solder inside your ST
  • low amount of parts
  • supports two devices on the IDE bus (master and slave)
  • if your PC doesn’t have a SCSI interface (most common situation now) then you can connect the HDD from ST to PC (or vice versa) to copy the data from to PC (I got a SCSI hostadapter on my ST and can’t connect the HDD to my PC)
  • if you build this thing as small as possible and use a 2.5″ HDD then you could fit this inside the original Atari case somewhere between PSU and FDD, but then you would need to cut a hole through the case for the ACSI cable
  • LBA and CHS mode supported



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