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Q What is the maximum bandwidth of the ACSI port anyhow?
A The speed of ACSI port is something around the 1 MB/s.


Q > data transfer speed: aprox. – 120 kB/sIs this speed an implementation limitation? An SD/MMC limitation or an ACSI limitation?
A It is an implementation limitation – more assembler code in AVR would improve that.


Q I bought yesterday 1GB SD card for some 25 euro. Read speed is 4.5 MB/sec and write speed is 3.5 MB/sec via cheap USB card reader. With some better reader read speed would be certainly much higher.
A Yes, that’s possible. But with the Atmel running @ 16 MHz and the SPI bus running @ 8 MHz (maximum frequencies for ATmega16), you are a bit limited (serial link running @ 8MHz means 0.8 MB/s idealy without the memory access times and wait-states). Also the card-readers don’t use the (serial) SPI mode of transfer, but the the (paralel) MMC or SD mode of transfer.


Q Well the pc be able to read the cards also?
A Well, if you will create a DOS partition and will be able to read it on ST, then yes. Or on the PC you could create a image of the card and then use it with various software (Steem + Pasti, ARAnyM, (Linux ?)).Steem v3.2 + Pasti.dll tested and it’s working fine.

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