How I got to RC flying

Flying an RC plane was my dream since I was a young lad as I saw my dad build balsa planes at that time (~1990). Most of the planes my father did were not radio controlled, they were just freely flying gliders, which flew just once or twice – they either crashed and were irreparable or flew way too far and we never managed to catch them and find them. The radio controllers in that time were way too expensive when bought ready made, so the common approach for most of modelers at that time in (Czecho-)Slovakia was to build a radio transmitter and receiver all by themselves – by design found in electronics enthusiasts magazine RadioAmater, but my father wasn’t skilled in electronics and my brother didn’t had much time for that, so the first RC plane my father built at that time (~1995) was waiting on the top of the cabinet for the RC set to be added some time later, and that happened just recently (2020). But the love for flying (RC) planes was planted (unintentionally) in be in that time of my childhood.

At that time (~1995) my father did stop making more balsa planes and I didn’t care much about about the planes for next 20 years. But in 2015 I’ve found out that a whole RC plane set for beginners (plane, radio controller, battery, charger) could be bought for 130 Euro, so I bought my first RC planeĀ  – Beta 1400 (similar to H-King Bixler or EasyStar). It’s made from EPP foam, so it can be glued back even after severe mutilation by a noob like me (unlike balsa plane, which would take long to repair, if ever). So I’ve started to learn to fly RC plane and boy – was it difficult at first.

Now that I got some skills with the RC planes I got my father interested back in the RC planes. He wanted me or my brother to finish the DIY transmitter so he could finish his balsa plane, but instead of bought him a cheap RC transmitter with 2 receivers (for 2 different planes). You can see him preparing his balsa plane for the launch here – built in ~1995, finished in 2020.




The RC flying can be fun for all the generations – elderly (my father, 67 years old), kids (6 years old and 2.75 years old) and even adults! :-D [photo taken in june of 2018]


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