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Problems happening when partitioning using ICD Pro

Intended audience:
In case you want to partition your SD card using the ICD Pro tools and install the ICD Pro driver AND you have some issues when doing so, this information might help you.

Please note that partitioning your hard drive requires some little knowledge about what you can and can’t do and it depends many times on your TOS version. Find out your TOS version and get the maximum partition sizes from this table:


OS Release Boot partition normal partition
TOS 1.00-1.02 16 MB 256 MB
TOS 1.04-3.xx 32 MB 512 MB
TOS 4.0x 256 MB 1024 MB

You partition your hard drive (SD card) and everything goes well, but after the restart of ST the ICD Pro driver does not show any partitions.

Possible reasons:

  1. The created partitions are too big for your TOS version. For maximum partition sizes see the table on the top of page.
  2. The partition types are unknown (‘XXX’) – this does happen when the ICD_FORMAT does not know what partition type it should use i.e. because the partition sizes are too big.
  3. There are too many partitions – TOS can handle only 14 (or 24) partitions tops, the other probably won’t be accessible.
  4. Partitions were not set as active.


When partitioning big hard disk / SD card (i.e. 4 GB or more) and you will use the ‘Splitten’ (‘Split’) functionality to divide the media to i.e. 10 partitions you might get the partition sizes too big for your TOS version. The ICD formater then can’t determine what partition type he should use and just uses ‘XXX’. This way the reasons of your problems will be 1. and 2. described above.




When trying to use the ‘Default’ function of ICD FORMAT to divide your big media like I did, you might end up with your 8 GB card divided into 63 partitions of size 16.77 MB (or something similar). Then you’re facing reason 3. described above.



When you will play with partition sizes and types manualy you might get the ‘No partition active’ warning (‘Keine Partition aktiviert’) and you simply won’t see partitions after reboot if you press the ‘OK’ button now. The source of your problems is reason 4. from above. To fix the situation please click in the ‘An’ column on each partition to mark is as active (see the red vs. green highlightment).



To get the best results when partitioning, you should use ‘Loschen’ (‘Clear’) button in the partitioning window and create:

  • TOS 1.00-1.02: 1x 16 MB partition – GEM type, up to 23x partitions 256 MB – BGM type
  • TOS 1.04-3.xx: 1x 32 MB partition – GEM type, up to 23x partitions 512 MB – BGM type

…and be sure to check the ‘active’ flag for each partition. Then you can partition your media and everything should work fine. This way you might end up with some unused space on your media, but better some part of media unusable then whole.



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