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CosmosEx logo CosmosEx is a device for Atari ST computers which replaces multiple peripherals in single box. Your Atari peripheral cosmos is now expanding!



CosmosEx (with Raspberry Pi) features:

scsi ACSI only version - for connecting to ST / TT through ACSI port
SCSI + ACSI version - for connecting to ST / TT through ACSI, for connecting to TT / Falcon through SCSI
sd Serves as hard drive with SD card: the device has a single SD card slot which replaces a hard drive just like UltraSatan or SatanDisk
flash_drive Serves as hard drive with USB media: just insert a USB drive to USB slot and use it as a hard drive
net_drive Serves as hard drive with shared folder from PC:  use shared folder from other computer through network, map it to TOS drive letter – for easy transfer between your ST and PC in plain TOS (MiNT not needed).
zip Support for opening ZIP files in TOS just like any other folder (in translated drive mode)
fdd Serves as floppy emulator: loads .st and .msa images from connected media (e.g. usb key). Just select up to 3 images in the floppy image pool and switch between them using hardware button (more image formats will be added soon)
download Downloading of floppy images using simple tool from internet directly to the device (something similar to some app store) – play old games just after few clicks
keyb_mouse_joy Can replace your keyboard, mouse and joysticks: just plug in a USB keyboard, mouse or joysticks to USB slot and you can use them with your ST (just like you would with Eiffel interface). But the best news is that you don’t have to replace all of them if you need only some of them – use USB joystick and USB mouse along with your original keyboard (or any other combination) – the USB peripherals are injected in the original peripherals data stream. No driver on ST needed, so this will work with games, too!
network2 The lightweight replacement of STiNG offers network connectivity for ST network apps at higher speed than original STiNG.
config Configurable from ST using a simple application.Configurable through web interface.Configurable through linux ssh connection.
update Software updates available from internet - one click update from the configuration application.Software updates from USB drive, e.g. downloaded on PC to that USB drive.
box One metal case version of the device: the device can be used from outside of your computer or can be put in the place of internal floppy drive.


Features that are planned for later

  • floppy write support
  • SLM Atari laser printer emulation
  • can you think of some other interesting feature? Let me know, maybe I’ll add it to this list ;)
  • can you do C and assembler on ST, or C and linux stuff, have spare time, want to see these features sooner? Well, you can help me with the work – contact me and I’ll give you stuff to do.


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