CosmosEx – download

Here are some things which you might need…


CosmosEx update file for update from USB drivedownload 

You will need this if you want to do the updates from USB drive. This single file contains everything needed for the update. See this manual page on how to do the update.

Info about this update file (see the date to check if it’s newer than the last one you got):

Created on: 2017-04-13
File size: 1072.8 kB (1098524 B)


CosmosEx configuration tooldownload

You can use this tool to configure your CosmosEx device (more info here). This is a part of the CosmosEx config drive (it’s in the device), so most of the time you won’t need to download it. But in case you make your config drive inaccessible and you need this tool, then get it, save it to floppy and use it with CosmosEx connected on ACSI bus.


Raspberry Pi SD card image – Raspbiandownload
This is the newest Raspbian Jessie linux image, with loaded CosmosEx software. Use this image for newest Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 3. It’s a standard Raspbian, so you can use apt-get install, there’s gcc inside, so you can use this image also for development.


Old Raspberry Pi SD card image – Yocto
For newer devices use Raspbian instead.
Old linux distro for usage of the device – download here
Old linux distro for development of software – download here



Users don’t need this, developers ask for it, so here it is. I’m not putting here the sources directly, as I would have to synchronize the repo with the ZIPed sources, so instead I’m putting here the links to repo… (note: ‘ce’ is short for ‘CosmosEx’).

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