CosmosEx – manual

User guides

CosmosEx basics, by Jookie

CosmosEx user guide, by DrCoolZic

CosmosEx 2.0 – quickstart guide, by tIn

Things explained

CosmosEx 2.0 SCSI / ACSI – switching between SCSI and ACSI mode

CosmosEx config tool – what you can configure and how in your CosmosEx device

Software update of CosmosEx – how to do it

What is RAW and TRANslated drive – explanation of what it means, how it behaves and when you need which

Why are my partitions on SD cards shifted up, so I have D: instead of C:?


How to mount Raspberry Pi into CosmosEx (if you got the device without it)

ICD Pro – how to set up your SD card (from UltraSatan documentation)

ICD PRO PDFs – by Ed

HDDRIVER - how to set up your SD card (from UltraSatan documentation)

How to get the CosmosEx working again when it no longer talks to your ST?

Patching older CosmosEx to support CosmoSolo mode

SD card write/verify test

Extended key joystick functionality

Enabling and downloading logs when some issue happens

IKDB injectors

IKBD injectors – types and how to connect them to your Atari ST

IKBD injectors – how to connect them using the silly cable

How to connect IKBD injector – sandwich type

How to connect IKBD injector – Mega ST / TT type

Solving IKDB injector issues - if your keyboard and mouse don’t work at all or they misbehave

IKBD injector pinouts – if you need to know what pin on injector is what


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