CosmosEx – IKDB injector

You can connect USB keyboard, mouse and joysticks to USB port of your CosmosEx device and use them as native keyboard, mouse and joystick – this means that they will work without any driver on ST and they will work with games. But you don’t have to get rid of original keyboard, mouse or joystick to use the new ones, even though they will be now connected through the same IKDB port. For this purpose a IKDB injector is used – it’s a small board with connectors for original keyboard, a connector for CosmosEx IKDB kable and a connector which will be connected to original IKDB slot.

Because the Atari ST computers come at least in 2 types of cases – sandwich type (keyboard and computer together) and Mega ST(e) type (keyboard and computer are separate), two different types of IKDB injectors are available.


If you do have a silly cable (which can be plugged in both ways) between CosmosEx device and your injector, please see also IKBD injectors Рhow to connect them using the silly cable .


IKBD Injector – sandwich

ikbd injector sandwich

To install this injector to computer:

  1. open the ST case, remove the keyboard (disconnect the keyboard cable from motherboard)
  2. plug the injector to the keyboard connector, plug the 4-wire cable to the injector (this goes to CosmosEx device)
  3. insert the injector to the original IKBD slot
  4. put the keyboard back in place and close the ST case



IKBD Injector – Mega ST(e) / TT type



To install this injector:

  1. disconnect the original keyboard from your Mega ST / TT machine
  2. connect the original keyboard to this type of injector – on the side, which says ‘keyb‘ on the bottom
  3. connector one end of a short cable to the side of injector marked as ‘to ST‘ on the bottom and the other end to your ST
  4. connect the 4-wire cable to the remaining connector in the middle of injector
  5. insulate the bottom of PCB with some insulation tape – do a single or double turn around the connectors – you will protect your ST against short circuits




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