Partition letters assignment

Some of you might already have an SD card which was formated and used with some other SD card device for your Atari ST (e.g. UltraSatan or SatanDisk), you had partitions C:, D:, E: on it. Now you use the same (working and partitioned) SD card with CosmosEx, but HDDRIVER shows the drive letters D:, E:, F: instead. What is happening?

This is the expected behaviour of HDDRIVER – for each ACSI ID it seeks for partitions, assigns drive letters to them and adds one empty drive letter after that as a reserve for some hot swapping cases – so if it finds 3 partitions on device, they will be C, D, E, and adds the F as extra one.

If you got the translated drive as ACSI ID 0, HDDRIVER finds no partitions there, and adds extra letter – C.
Then it seeks the partitions on the ACSI ID 1 (your SD card), finds there a couple of partitions (say 3), so it assigns them letters D, E, F, and adds one extra – G.

Either you swap the order of translated drive and SD card (and put the CE_DD.PRG on SD card in AUTO folder), or change the number of extra letters added to each device in HDDRUTIL (by default it’s set to 1).

This is not a fault of CosmosEx device or HDDRIVER, it’s expected behaviour :)



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