Solving IKDB injector issues

You have connected CosmosEx through the IKDB injector to the IKDB port of your ST, but it still doesn’t work? Here’s a couple of things to check…


First check if you connected the injector like in one of these two videos:

…that means:

- there’s a 4 wire cable going from CosmosEx device to the injector PCB

- the injector is connected to ST - for sandwich type – directly to the internal IKBD connector, for mega type using the short 6 wire cable to the external IKDB connector

- the original keyboard is connected to the injector’s PCB

- each connector is in the right place – it isn’t shifted one pin up or down, or it isn’t turned around – see the KEY pin placement – a covered hole on one the connector must match a missing pin on the other connector

- for Mega injector type – the connector marked as ‘ST‘ on the bottom of the PCB is connected to ST, the other connector marked as ‘keyb‘ on the bottom of PCB goes to the original keyboard

- the 4 wire cable is going to the correct CosmosEx connector – it should be connected to the internal IKDB connector under the cover, not to the externally visible power connector on right:



Also make sure that the CosmosEx is running and connected to the injector and that is connected to ST – the injection is an active thing (it forwards the data to CosmosEx and then the CosmosEx adds it’s data in the stream) – the original keyboard and mouse won’t run if the CosmosEx device is not connected to injector and it’s not turned on!


All of the above looks OK, but still even the original keyboard and mouse won’t work at all?

There’s one last thing to check – the cables and the injector itself. Take some ohm meter (multimeter), and measure all the cables and all the connections of injector from one end to another. If you find a broken connection, then it’s needed to repair it with a solder gun if you are able to do that.


 The original mouse works, but it makes jumps? (doesn’t run smoothly, sometimes ends in some corner)

First thing you should make sure you have the newest firmware possible – one issue resulting in this was fixed in update from 2014-07-27, so make sure you have newer Franz firmware and Main App than this date.

If you still have this issue, there’s one last thing to try – if your resistor R1 is 2k2 (it has ’222′ written on it, see the picture bellow to locate it) – all the devices from the 1st batch have that value, then this can cause issues on some machines (works fine on my STFM, Mega ST, STE, doesn’t work the second STE).


There are two ways to fix this:

  • easier – add 1K (or 560R) resistor parallel to the R1 resistor – as on the picture above
  • harder – replace R1 with 4k7 (package 0603), replace R30 with 10k (package 0603)

I understand that requiring to solder something from the end user is not a good thing, but it’s the fastest way to fix this. If you can’t solder, find a nearby friend who can – the whole patch takes 5 minutes of work total. If you don’t have anyone around who can do that, send the device to me and I will patch it for you.


I need to run the IKBD without original keyboard

As I didn’t consider this to be used in this way at all, some people might want to run the IKBD injection, but without connecting the original keyboard, but that causes some issues. To work around this problem, you can create a simple plug with 10k resistor as pull up – just connect the 10k resistor between VCC line (two wires on the right) and 4th ping from right (or 3rd from left), and that does the trick…


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