CosmosEx – CosmoSolo patch

There is only slight difference between older CosmosEx device (manufactured in 2014) and CosmosEx device which supports CosmoSolo mode (manufactured in 2015) when it comes to the Solo functionality. The only difference is hardware is that the older device has a pull down resistor, which holds the Hans chip in reset state until Raspberry Pi takes it out of the reset state, while the newer device has DS1818 chip which resets the Hans chip even before Raspberry Pi has booted (or if it’s not present).

Here is what you have to do:

  1. buy DS1818 chipĀ 
  2. locate R54 resistor
  3. remove R54 resistor
  4. solder the DS1818 chip in its place
  5. add a wire to the free DS1818 pin
  6. solder that wire to some 3.3V place on PCB
  7. update your Hans firmware (e.g. using Raspberry Pi + config tool) to newer version of firmware, which supports Solo mode





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