How to get it working again

Sometimes you might end up in a situation where your CosmosEx device is not talking to the ST at all (failed / broken update, SD card failure, …) – you see either the blue LED blink on CosmosEx device every 15 – 20 seconds, or it doesn’t blink even once after restart even if like 1 minute passes…


In the worst case you might need to write the SD card image to your Raspberry Pi SD card, you can get it from the download page (marked as ‘Raspberry Pi SD card image for running the device’)

In most cases that is not needed - if you connect a TV to the HDMI port of Raspberry Pi, and you see linux booting after power on, ending up with login prompt, you can skip this step.


To get the device working, you need to get into Raspberry Pi shell, and you have two options (select the one which is easier for you, no need to do them both):
A) connect it to TV using HDMI, connect it to internet using the network cable, connect an USB keyboard, and a power supply (ST not needed), then turn it on, wait for the login prompt
B) connect it to internet using the network cable, connect a power supply, turn it on, wait 30 seconds, and then connect to it using SSH protocol (using some tool, e.g. Putty)

Then log in as user ‘root’, password is ‘ce’, then enter the following:

cd /ce
chmod 755 *.sh
(wait until update finishes...)

This will download some helper scripts, download the update, update the software and firmware and then start the software. After that see if the blue LED blinks shortly, wait a while (say 30 seconds), then power off the device, power it on again, wait and see if the blue LED flashes after ~15 or 20 seconds. If it does, you should have the device in a good state now. Disconnect all the cables, connect it back to ST and see what it does (it should be working at that time).

The newer Raspberry Pi image has these scripts inside, so the first 4 steps won’t be necessary, you will do only /ce/ and /ce/ then…


One last thing – if you want to delete all your settings (which you might suspect as a cause of your issues), do the following in the command line:

rm -f /ce/settings/*

When no settings are present, CosmosEx app will start with the default settings…

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